HxH Part 2 Releases Saturday 1/25 at 12PM PACIFIC



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    • 100% Cotton
    • Full cut & sew - no blanks - the best hoodie we've ever made
    • Pullover hoodie
    • 400 GSM thickness
    • Full embroidered chest and sleeve detail
    • Bottom woven label detail
    • Full side ribbing
    • Runs true to size: CLICK HERE FOR SIZING CHARTS



  • Right arm: United states of America, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada
  • Left arm: Japan, Australia, Korea, Mexico  

Why these flags/design?

The Worldwide Flag hoodie was originally designed  in celebration of Hypland's one year  brand anniversary. Flags representing United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands adorned the sleeves as a way to recognize customers from countries to first support Hypland apparel, internationally.

Our Worldwide Flag Hoodie has become a customer-favorite and brand staple and is released as a yearly signature piece. This garment continues to embody the Hypland Worldwide vision of unity, multicultural and ethnic enlightenment, and deference. Through the integration of new country flags, we continue to pay homage to Hypland customers all over the world while promoting global civility and unification in our apparel designs.