Hypland x Naruto 20th Anniversary

Los Angeles, California — Ushering in the new decade, Hypland prepares its Naruto collaboration to commemorate the 20th anniversary of one of the most popular anime series ever.

 The collaboration continues Hypland’s streak of bringing an anime entity into their world of streetwear, forming another exciting partnership for fans of both.

Hypland’s owner and founder, Jordan Bentley said, “In the anime world there is a lack of good product that works for fans of all levels. Being that I have an interest in fashion and anime, I want to create product that gives core fans a chance to rep their favorite shows but also appeals to the more casual fans who have interest in other topics like fashion.” The Naruto collaboration is no different as it boasts an extensive collection of 30 garments, 2 rugs and additional accessories. Making it rather easy for fashion and anime fans to easily fall in love with more than one piece. 

To some, anime may feel like a trend but for the true lovers and supporters of anime, it’s a world that is not only entertaining but where they are able to truly express themselves. “My interest in anime introduced me to the broader Japanese culture and streetwear; both having huge influences on the brand today”, Jordan said.

Robb Bank$'s style and unique aura effortlessly combine with the garments he dons throughout the lookbook. Being an avid fan of his music, the collaboration was a perfect match for both Naruto fans.

Before the collaboration hits Hypland’s online store, two pop-up shows will take place. The first will be in New York on February 8th and 9th, located at 213 Bowery, New York NY 10012. While the second pop-up lands in Los Angeles on February 15th at 2270 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90006.

The online store will release the full-on collection on February 17th.

Model: Robb Bank$

Photographer: Quinn Dunziellas